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This spacious, secluded house is designed with the most freeing aspects of modern style, but with all the warmth and dignity we associate with fresh country style in any era. One of the most important practitioners of this movement was Gustav Stickley, whose original designs are being produced by the family firm for a whole new era of consumers. Craftsman-style furniture from the designs of Arts and Crafts-icon Gustav Stickleylook as fresh and exciting today as they did so long ago. The delicate furniture balanced with the light color of thewalls imbues this room with a Zen feeling. And when it comes to fresh country style, the unabashedly sentimental, cozy feeling of “the old homestead” is undeniably appealing. As they did for past generations, these old pieces can carry precious memories for your children. Quilts, needlepoint and embroidery pieces, bits of old lace, ivorine (faux ivory) vanity sets, maple and walnut armoires, chests, and dining room groups can give your home a warmly memorable look.

A proper lighting plan will include the right combination of ambient (overall) lighting to illuminate the space, task lighting to provide illumination for specific activities such as reading or playing games, mood lighting to create an agreeable atmo­sphere, and accent lighting to focus attention on specific objects like that new sculpture in the living room. A collectionof acid-pitted metal bottles looks like ancient artifacts yet fits the modernaesthetic of the space. An exceptional antique table is fitted with a standing brass bowl sink, ancientin style yet one of the newest looks in bath fixtures. Is there enough space in the entertainment room around the pool table to shoot? Plant perfumes, often wafting from architectural containers, demand their own blissful attention: The entryway urns welcome visitors with honeysuckle and jasmine; giant herb-garden containers offer up lemon blossoms; and night-blooming cereus opens in pots around the main dining table. Engaged in manufacturing and exporting garden accessories like garden planters, wooden garden planters, brass garden planters, garden torches, garden stakes, garden plant stands, garden lighting and breezeart fall garden flags fencing. So plant them along the footpath to separate your garden lot from the walkway.

You can find a lot of the aforementioned lighting items at reasonable prices and often on sale. All Time Trading hosts a wide variety of wholesale garden decor items available for retail/resale or personal use. Adecoration – Includes candles and holders, silk pillow cases, Buddha asian statues, kitchen items and jewelry. Modern style is easy to achieve in the kitchen since so much of it is technological anyway, but it’s more of a challenge to create a modern-style kitchen with the appeal of fresh country style. And small alterations zoom a lackluster bath or kitchen into the limelight, too. Also offering other products such as bath accessories, garden fountains. If you love garden ideas on a budget, check out these creative ideas. Learn how to integrate new decorating ideas throughout your home so that the style feels unified, not disjointed. Most of a child’s responses to color proportions won’t be at a conscious level, but they’ll enjoy spending time in a room that feels both exciting and comfortable. This sunny child’s bedroom looks modern with all its streamlined built-ins, butthe design actually hearkens back to shipboard storage compartments and thecozy alcove storage-beds built into Scandinavian cottages. A combination of contemporary andtraditional furniture, including a leather club chair and roll-arm sofa, mixcountry comfort and impressive good looks.

Simple but not skimpy, furniture pieces are designed for human comfort. Deceptively simple yet deeply resonant with the currents of nature, Asian style is as much philosophy as it is a decorative approach. A very sturdy material is the metallic or iron type that may stand as much as all climate so there isn’t a must convey them in when the season is over or when it snows or rains. Is there ample seating in the TV room for big families? If sharing a room is necessary and one or both are “big kids,” be sure to create clear divisions, at least visually. Matte-finished wood and brushed metal are juxtaposed for a marriage of natural and industrial elements. Spare and simple, the cabinetry in this modern country bathroom relies on thesleek warmth of finished wood to create the best of both worlds. The overall look is rich yet serene and informal: Modern style at its best.

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Then mold the dough into the shape of a base. Once you’ve aligned and tested the holes with the U-bolt, position the U-bolt with plate behind the baluster or rail and then through the holes in the bracket. Always searching for solutions, here’s a clamp on flag holder that might work on a horizontal rail. Slide one end of the clamp into the worm gear and tighten with a screw driver until tight. Next slide the bracket and clamps around the post or baluster. We discovered this pole mount which could be used as a banner flag bracket that you might want to consider. If you know exactly what you want let us know and we will make you a custom flag, banner, and welcome mat! It will accommodate flag poles up to 1.25 inches in diameter. It can be used on balusters from 3/8 inch up to 2 inches in diameter and accommodates a pole with a diameter of up to 1 inch. Worm gear clamps come in different sizes so be sure to select a size that accommodates both the post or baluster and the flag holder.

Attaching U-bolt and bracket assembly to baluster. Match the size of the worm gear clamp to your round post or baluster and your bracket. Two worm gear hose clamps for round columns or balusters. To use the worm gear clamps,unscrew them until the two ends disengage. The process is the same except don’t use the plate. The same process applies. The age of the oversize, ostentatious American convertible was over. I am at least 16 years of age. Especially for bird lovers, this 28″ x 40″ decorative flag will take you through all seasons – at least spring, summer and fall. Chances are they will not line up exactly and you may have to enlarge the holes with drill and bit. The floor pillows, low table, and natural mat are reminiscent of a Japanese tea room. The floor to ceiling wood paneling lends this room a rustic country air. Tea for TwoEnglish country is confident; patterns, colors, furniture styles, and periods are mixed.

Basil and oregano are the most commonly used. Here are two options we found that might add just the right touch to your home. We used these parts from our local home improvement store to create an easy way to hang your banner or flag without using screws or nails. Store the flag (in fully dry state) in a cool, dry and dark place. Much depends on what you intend to hang from you flag holder, how much wind you may experience, the viability of your porch railings, posts, or balusters, and other factors that we may not have considered. For round posts or balusters, worm gear clamps may be the solution. I don’t recommend using square U-bolts for round balusters. The U-Bolts will be used to attach the holder to square or rectangular posts or balusters. Proper cleaning will help retain fresh, bright colors and increase life of your flags. Selling the highest quality magnetic house signs flags, garden flags & yard flags for over 15 years. Look for large-wheeled types if you’re rolling the cart over the lawn or rough ground. Whether you’re wanting to add something special to your lawn or you’re a die-hard super fan looking for some game day flair, we have what you’re searching for.

With right sides together and corners extending 1/4 inch beyond flag unit on each end, add 61/4-inch triangle to bottom left side of flag. Of that number, only 10,200 left the factory with inline sixes. This short video demonstrates two options from which to attach the banner flag bracket to square, rectangular, and round posts or balusters. This clamp-on design flag holder installs easily without the need for tools to the balusters or posts (round or square) of a porch, deck, dock or fence. It is easy to do and you won’t damage your porch, deck, or balcony. Mary and I show you how to affix a banner flag bracket to your porch, deck, or balcony railings and balusters without screws or nails. The solution – our DIY banner flag pole bracket project. An adjustable flag holder allows you to position your flag or banner in a number of degrees, making it one of the most versatile brackets. Standard Polyester is weather-resistant, fade-resistant and durable, yet has a softness that allows for excellent drape and movement in the breeze. If you’re remodeling the kitchen, consider a layout that allows for a sleek, functional island in a modern shape; choose no-nonsense industrial-style appliances; and consider the pros and cons of in-vogue (but also long-lasting) materials like cement that can be tinted in appealing earth tones for counters and floors.